Number on the Live Register in Macroom down 29% and Newmarket 41% since Government took Office

Latest CSO figures show more people are at work as the economy recovers

Fine Gael TD Michael Creed has said that the 41% drop in the Live Register figure in Newmarket and 29% drop in Macroom since the Government took office shows that the economy is recovering and that the Government’s plan to create jobs is working.

“Nationally the latest CSO Live Register figures show that the unemployment rate has dropped to 10.7% from a high of 15.1% in 2012. Too many people are still out of work but we are moving in the right direction.

“In Macroom, the numbers on the Live Register have fallen from 1,722 to 1,223 and in Newmarket from 1,916 to 1,123 since the Government took office in 2011. Nationally, almost 80,000 jobs have been created, the recovery is broadening across the country, including Cork North West.

“Thanks to the sacrifices people have made, it is now possible for the Government to cut taxes to help people in work. Every household with somebody in full-time work will be a bit better off from January. We’re committed to reducing personal taxation, to putting money back in people pockets and to growing the economy.

“This Government has made great strides, as is evident from the Live Register figures, but the current high rates of personal taxation need further reform. We need to continue to make work pay and ensure that people in all parts of the country feel the benefit of the growing economy in their pockets and in their lives. That is what we intend to do next year and into the future.

“These figures give us confidence that if we stick with the plan, we can ensure that people’s sacrifices are not wasted, and that we can deliver a consistent, sustainable jobs recovery in Cork North West and right across the country.”

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