Our system of Government is broken. It has failed the public it is designed to serve and it is failing those who are trying to make a broken system work.

We have world class doctors, nurses, teachers, Gardaí, and carers but we have a governance structure that causes systems to fail and fail again. Fine Gael in Government will protect those providing the crucial front line services, by radically reforming the back office bureaucracy which is smothering the system, undermining public servants and costing the taxpayer.


  • Abolish the Seanad
  • Reduce the number of TD’s by 20
  • A cap on Ministerial pay
  • Introduce a car-pooling system to reduce the number and use of
  • Ministerial State Cars saving €5million per annum
  • Seriously curtail the use of the Government jet
  • Reform the Dáil Committee system in order to hold future
  • Government to account
  • Fine Gael support the Croke Park Agreement
  • But there needs to be detailed targets and timelines for redeployment and reform
  • Fine Gael will reduce public service numbers by 10% saving €5 billion
  • We will abolish 145 quangos
  • We estimate 30,000 bureaucratic positions can be eliminated by natural wastage, voluntary redundancy, relocation and redeployment
  • Our priority is protecting and enhancing resources for the front line
  • Our best asset are our teachers, nurses, Gardaí, doctors, local authority staff and others who interact with the public, in a professional and efficient manner on a daily basis

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