The Better Energy Programme makes it easier for homeowners, irrespective of financial means, to access energy efficiency measures, be it through the energy suppliers or other contractors. There will be one point of contact for accessing Government supports in this area, including advice on what measures are best for any home.

A typical family, spending maybe €1000 every year to heat the home, can choose from a range of measures, from attic or wall insulation, to upgrading the boiler and heating controls. The cost of the work will range from €2000 for a simple upgrade to more than €15,000 for a complete package. Grants of up to €5500 are available. The family can shop around among contractors to select their actions and get the best price, and then a simple online application process gives them the grant. Their home will be noticeably much more comfortable as soon as the work is complete, and they will also save as much as €500 in annual heating bills.

Details of the scheme are available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland website at or alternatively contact my office at 026-41835

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