Change in traffic light sequencing could improve traffic flow


Fine Gael Cork North West TD, Michael Creed, has welcomed a commitment from Transport Minister Leo Varadkar to explore his proposal that would see the current sequence settings in traffic lights altered to include the amber light flashing before turning green. Deputy Creed believes this alteration would go some distance to improving traffic flow.


\”What I have proposed to the Minister is the implementation of the traffic light system as it is used in the UK. This is whereby the amber light flashes before the lights turn to green. This allows motorists the opportunity to prepare to recommence movement thus improving traffic flow. This would particularly be the case in areas where there is significant traffic build up and regular traffic light activity.


\”I welcome the commitment from the Minister to contact the Gardaí, the Road Safety Authority and the National Transport Authority to seek their views on this suggestion. Of course road safety must be the paramount consideration when making a decision on a matter such as this, however if traffic movement can be improved in congested areas then the proposal must be examined.


\”As we approach the Christmas period, which is traditionally a time of heavy traffic congestion in urban areas, we need to be creative in terms of looking at options to improve the situation of motorists. If this system is successful in other countries then I see no reason why it cannot be implemented here. I look forward to hearing the feedback from the relevant authorities and developing this proposal further with the Minister.\”


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