Fine Gael Front bench spokesperson Michael Creed T.D. has expressed his disappointment at Fianna Fáil and the Greens decision to vote down the Fine Gael Dáil Motion this week that would have restored roads and radically shaken-up the water services in Cork North West.

The Fine Gael Dail Private Members’ Motion addressed the recent weather crisis and called for an immediate release of emergency funding through the NRA to restore damaged roads and for responsibility for water services to be into a new State utility company – ‘Irish Water’.

“As was clearly seen in Cork North West, before, during and after the weather crisis, Fianna Fáil and the Greens completely dropped the ball on the provision of water and on providing safe roads.

“For people across Cork North West the fact that the same Government has now voted down proposals that would have restored the damaged roads and overhauled how water is provided can only be considered another slap in the face.

“I have raised this issue time and time again in the Dáil and was delighted when Fine Gael brought forward plans to sort out the mess with our water services and roads. As Environment Spokesman, Phil Hogan TD, pointed out, the Fine Gael proposals would have immediately released emergency funding through the NRA to restore damaged roads. All across the constituency roads were not only damaged by the floods but, often, all but destroyed by the freeze that followed.

“The provision of water was even more chaotic with many houses and business left without water. Ireland has a fragmented, outdated and inefficient water network that demands new solutions rather than just patching up a few pipes. The Fine Gael plan would have revolutionised how water is provided by creating a single water utility company which would be fully responsible for water supply and investment across the country. This would fund interconnection across Irish water supplies to ensure constant supply. We can rapidly increase investment in water infrastructure through this water utility company as it will be funded through existing charges and raised finance.

“Unfortunately, Fianna Fáil and the Greens voted down the Fine Gael plan. A little leadership and modest amount of will power was all that was needed to sort out our roads and water. Unfortunately the Fianna Fáil/Green Government refused to provide this and it is to the cost of everyone in Cork North West that they chose to play politics rather than sort out the problems across the county and the country.

“I will continue to push for our roads to be restored and for decent provision of water and hope those Government T.D’s who voted this plan down see the error of their ways.”