\"EUFine Gael, Cork North West T.D. Michael Creed has welcomed the strong Yes vote in last Friday’s Lisbon Treaty Referendum. Speaking after the people of Cork North West gave a resounding 69.5% endorsement to the YES campaign Deputy Creed said: “This is a very mature and informed decision. I am delighted that the vast majority of people voted on the issue at hand in spite of the efforts of some to distract them. I am also pleased that people have avoided the temptation to use this critical Referendum as a means of punishing the government for its incompetence and mismanagement”.

“Looking at a selection of tallies from around the Constituency it is clear that there was universal support for Lisbon from both rural and urban communities”.  Yes/No Rockchapel 85/25  Meelin 180/13  Freemount 123/48  Newmarket 103/72  Dromagh 67/17  Ballydesmond 197/33  Kilcorney 92/49  Kanturk 98/50

“While these tallies are a rough estimate it is clear that there is a significant Yes vote in all these communities”.